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Electric Vehicle (EV) Task Force (In Progress)

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The iCAP 2020 objective 3.3 is to "Establish an Electric Vehicle Task Force to identify key goals for supporting the use of electric vehicles on and off campus by FY22." The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is Parking.

In Spring 2021, the Parking department confirmed that they will explore the possibility of forming the EV Task Force in fall 2021. As of summer 2021, Transportation SWATeam has drafted a recommendation with a list of potential staff, faculty, and student members for the consideration to join the EV Task Force. The Transportation SWATeam expects to submit this recommendation in early fall 2021.


In 2018, Provost Cangellaris formed an EV Charging Task Force “to make recommendations on what steps the university should take, both now and in the future, to make EV charging available to commuters.” In this region of the electric grid, an EV typically emits less GHGs than a conventional gas-fueled vehicle of similar size. The Parking Department supports sustainability through implementation of public-use EV charging spaces, with 17 Level 1 charging spaces at five campus locations, and six Level 2 plug-ins at three campus locations. Other charging stations have been added by individual departments outside of the Parking Department’s efforts. These include Research Park, the Illini Union, iSEE, and F&S. To develop a holistic strategy for EV charging infrastructure and to identify key goals for supporting the use of EVs both on and off campus, the Parking Department will form a new EV Task Force to identify methods to facilitate the transition to EVs for students, staff, faculty members, and the community at large.

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  • Team Members:

    • Paul Slezak
    • Jim Brennan
    • Stacey DeLorenzo
    • Morgan White
    • Sarthak Prasad
    • Jen Fraterrigo
    • Ria Kontou
    • Brian Finet
    • Shawn Patterson
    • Dave Lancaster
    • Mary McElvain
    • Tyler Swanson
    • Steve Bainbridge
    • Yanfeng Ouyang
    • Kelly Jo Hoffman

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    • Maria McMullen
    • Marty Paulins