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Key Objective: 4.3 Develop scenarios for converting the fleet to renewable fuels

The 2015 iCAP, chapter 4, objective 3 is "Conduct a detailed study by the end of FY17 to develop scenarios for complete conversion of the campus fleet to renewable fuels."

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In order to lay the groundwork for more significant and longer-term reductions in emissions from the campus fleet, the campus could perform a study of the potential to transition the fleet to renewable fuels.  This study could be conducted by a task force formed under iSEE, with a faculty chair and appropriate campus representation.  Options to be considered might include sustainably-produced biodiesel, compressed natural gas from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes, and electricity from zero-carbon sources such as solar and wind.  The proposed study would review the types and usage of campus vehicles, evaluate the expectation for vehicle availability on a ten year horizon, and propose various plans (i.e., conservative, moderate, and aggressive) for greenhouse gas emission reductions along with approximate fiscal impacts for each plan.  

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