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Key Objective: 57. LEED Gold Design Review

Apply LEED Gold construction standards to all construction projects without certification, including waste management.

Associated Metric

Square Footage LEED Gold Certification


  • Nov 4, 09:

    National Petascale Computing Facility

  • Nov 4, 11:

    UIUC NCSA Petascale Computing Facility

  • Feb 1, 17:

    Wassaja Hall

  • Jun 29, 18:

    State Farm Center 

  • Aug 7, 18:

    Ikenberry Commons Res.Hall-Phase C & D

  • Oct 19, 18:

    Surveying Building Renovation

  • Oct 30, 18:

    Chemistry Annex

  • Jan 29, 19:

    Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education

  • Aug 29, 19:

    Everitt Laboratory Renovation U14088


"Apply LEED Gold construction standards without certification for all other construction projects."

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Project History

  • 3/27/2023

    The Energy iCAP team met on Monday 3/27/23 to discuss recommendations on energy standards for newly constructed buildings and improving communication of energy research on campus between labs and the broader campus community.

  • 2/15/2022

    The following text is taken from the February iSEE Newsletter, which is attached below.