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Flagg Hall

1207 South Fourth Street
61820 Champaign , IL
United States

Projects at this location

Project Description
Bike Shelter at Flagg Hall

Bicycle Shelter is an enclosed structure where bicycles may be stored. This Bike Shelter is 14' x 63', and it can accommodate up to 84 bicycles in two tiers. It was purchased from Ground Control Systems in 2018, and was initially planned to be installed to the West of Main Library. However, due to contruction conflicts, the location had to be changed. In 2019, several locations were identified and examined, for example, the Psychology Building and North of Henry Aministration Building (HAB).

LED Exit Signs

As part of the iCAP and LED Campus initiatives at the University, incandescent and flourescent bulbs in Exit Signs are being replaced with LEDs. This is part of the LED Campus commitment to replace all interior wayfinding fixtures on campus by 2025.

Project Updates