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2021 International Freezer Challenge

Posted by Avery Maris Maloto on June 22, 2021


Research, managing labs, and personnel keeping you busy? No worries!

International Freezer Challenge Coordinators can enter your lab's information and the cold-storage sample management efforts you have made during the past year.

Any changes, upgrades, cleaning out, defrostings, filter cleanings, and reductions to freezer/refrigerators can all be added to your score sheets. 

Sample management, reductions, inventory creation or changes and upgrades, as well as, increasing room-temperature sample-storage inventory are all actions that increase your score and reduce the environmental impact of your lab operations.

All actions in sample management you have made since August 2020 help your lab improve environmental impact, reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, and are eligible to boost your lab and UIUC's overall point totals in the 2021 International Freezer Challenge.

If you would like us to register your lab and complete your score sheet?

  • Send a completed copy of the linked word document with your action items, or send a request for assistance to
  • If requesting assistance, we will arrange a time to meet with you and gather the necessary information to complete your lab's registration and scorecard.

Help UIUC defend our 1st place international standing and win the opportunity to be highlighted and have your photo in NATURE magazine!

For more information and questions about the International Freezer Challenge, please contact Paul Foote, F&S energy efficiency and conservation specialist,, 217-244-1048.