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8-8-23 project meets with SSC and F&S to discuss feasibility

Posted by Daphne Hulse on August 8, 2023

Attendance: Codie Sterner, Henry Markarian, Morgan White, Quinn Connolly, Daphne Hulse

  • The project passed Phase 1 of the SSC application, but did not pass Phase 2. F&S failed the project on its feasibility, because it was expected that a bioreactor would need to be purchased and installed at MicroNano.
    • The project has since received external funding for the bioreactor, and it is now in place at MicroNano. The project's equipment is spread across two rooms of the facility, and the group pays a daily rate for their equipment.
    • The scope of the project is now changing. The equipment is aquired, but the groupr requires student interns to complete the feasibility research. The group would like to compensate students for their work. A new SSC application will be submitted, with a change in how the funds would be used.
  • The project would like to next identify places to source food waste from.
    • Morgan noted that the dining halls are the only location on campus that currently have a solution for food waste, but all other producers on campus do not.
    • Daphne sent over a list of university food sources.
    • Bevier Cafe, the Grind2Energy systems, and the Student Sustainable Farm were sources identified by the group as possibly viable. Daphne will connect Henry with Bevier and the dining halls, and Codie will connect Henry with the SSF.