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AASHE Webinar on Green Office Programs

Posted by Kejsi Ago on July 14, 2021

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Subject: July 21st AASHE Webinar on Green Office Programs


Upcoming Webinar:

Webinar: Creating or Improving Green Office and Lab Certification Programs: Best Practices

July 21 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT


If your institution is considering creating a Green Office Certification Program (GOCP) or improving an existing one, you have company. In 2019, several universities and colleges were in the same situation, and created a focus group to explore best practices, under the auspices of the Big Ten and Friends Sustainability Network. The group’s size blossomed over the following year to representing about twenty-five institutions, offering a breadth of experience to tap.

The group found that program models vary by assessment process; staffing; metrics; alignment with the global Sustainable Development Goals; adaptability for remote workers; target audience; recognition approach; and participation incentives. After an initial benchmarking process, they honed in on four programmatical areas to explore improvements: metrics; addressing social actions; alignment with professional development goals; and remote work adaptability. In this AASHE session, participants will learn about various program models and the best practices from three leaders involved in the analysis effort: Lydia Vandenbergh from Penn State University; Tony Gillund of Ohio State University; and Wendy Olmstead from California State University, Stanislaus.

This presentation will provide valuable tips and models to consider for those looking to launch or evolve their own programs that make sustainability the norm in work and lab spaces. Although this session is focused on examples from the higher ed community, the information could be applied to non-profits and other organizations.


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Lydia Vandenbergh
Associate Director of Employee Engagement and Education
Sustainability Institute

Penn State University
814-863-4893 (o)
814-880-3058 (c)


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