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ABE469 Student Support on iCAP Objective 3.5 - Local Carbon Offset Program

Posted by Meredith Moore on February 3, 2022

Meredith Moore and Stacy Gloss are working with ABE469 - Capstone students in the spring 2022 semester.

Students will obtain (be provided) green house gas emission data for this consulting project such as: .

  • Urbana GHG Air  Emissions
  • U of I GHG  Emissions
  • U of I GHG Air-Travel Emissions
  • **maybe** Champaign Emissions

For purposes of this project, the U of I client is aiming to eliminate emissions for air travel by FY30.  This project is aimed to offset emissions by 30,000 tons per year by FY 30, related to iCAP objective 3.5. 

The client should research the Illinois Climate Action Plan carbon reduction goals related to unavoidable air-travel.  The client would like for the consultants to analyze technologies appropriate for campus and our surrounding community; and make recommendations based on this analysis. 

Technologies that may reduce carbon, or offset carbon on the local scale are listed below.  

  • -solar pv
  • -green roof + roof top solar
  • -solar water heating
  • -geothermal heating
  • -prairie restoration
  • -tree planting
  • -waste to energy from campus farms
  • -compost to energy
  • -water-saving measures (on the heating side reducing fossil fuel use)
  • -cold-climate air-source heat pumps for residential homes
  • -replacement of gas/diesel vehicle with electric vehicles for campus fleet
  • -deep energy retrofits – air sealing & insulation
  • -small wind turbines

The consulting team should evaluate the scope and project size for technology adoption. Including the anticipated GHGs avoided or offset with project adoption.  What is the cost of installation, including labor costs?  Provide data about cost effectiveness, with breakdown on cost of project per pound or tonne of GHG emissions saved. The projects should be ranked with most cost effective to least effective.  Your research, analysis, and recommendations will be presented by the client to the iSEE Resilience Team and other campus stakeholders to inform a local carbon offset program.