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agenda for meeting

Posted by Morgan White on September 24, 2014

From: Rajagopalan, Nandakishore []
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 10:29 AM
Subject: This aternon meeting

In the interests of making the most of our time, here are my top line goals. The first one is based on Lance Schideman suggestion. Three and four are again based on Lance and Marys suggestions.

We might even want to suggest a water reuse goal with timelines. Not sure what the basis would be but if we want a zero water campus, we can calculate precipitation over some area and assume that it satisfies a portion of our needs; the rest would come from reuse (both effluent as well as stormwater). The stormwater could be integrated with landscape and will be the residual after accounting for evapotranspirtion.

Any water features as part of the landscape would then be integrated with heat sink needs as campus, possibly creating an year-round landscape, maybe even a temperate rainforest in the Mid-west!


  1. Overall reduction
    1. in line with ICAP 2010
    2. Normalized levels of 20,000 gallons per weighted campus user in 2020 and 16500 gallons per weighted campus user by 2025
    3. Normalized  levels of 42 gallons per total buildings sq. ft (buildings + laboratory space) by and 36 gallons per sq. ft. in 2025 (question to Stephanie on these numbers)
  2. Undertake bottoms-up approach to estimate end-use for campus using best practices to determine realistic goals achievable by water conservation alone
  3. Recognize water reuse as an essential component to continue reductions in fresh water demand on campus beyond 2025; initiate planning activities to increase water reuse on campus 
  4. Integrate the physical and natural elements of campus topography to reduce water demand on campus and facilitate reuse

N. Rajagopalan PhD

Associate Director/Illinois Pollution Prevention Scientist

Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

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