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Apprentice program for electrical work

Posted by Quinn Connolly on November 13, 2023

Hi Josh,


Do you know if we could request apprentices work on the 15kw solar install?  That could potentially bump us from a tax credit of ~$5500 to $33,000 if this goes through.





How much of the labor has to be apprentice? 

Joshua Robin


15%  thanks!

Morgan White


Thanks Morgan!


With a small crew, if they had one apprentice, that might catch what we need. 


I overestimated below at 6x the base $5500, where apprentice would make it 5x, so only 27,500. 




Thanks all. The contractor can put one apprentice on there.  Tech services and in house work would not have an apprentice most likely.  Is there a dollar value required for the apprentice labor or just 15 percent of total hours worked?  Are certified payrolls needed?


Thank you