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Archived web info - CSE communication

Posted by Morgan White on June 6, 2014

The CSE provides several outlets to learn about sustainability initiatives, education, research, and events. The CSE has made a concerted effort to increase their followers on Facebook and Twitter, since that seems to be an effective way to communicate with students. Other efforts to be more comprehensive are underway, as well.

  • Green Teams: Green teams are groups of faculty members that attempt to further sustainable operatiosn at the University. There is one central focus of each green team. Focuses among all of the green teams on campus have a wide range within the broad category of sustainability, from energy efficiency to native plantings. Green teams usually consist of faculty members, which Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) have are student-led.
  • E-newsletter: The CSE's weekly e-newsletter has 1,300 subscribers.
  • Website: The CSE maintains a content-rich website that aims to inform the public about sustainability activities and resources on campus and in the region. In 2012, CSE worked to reorganize the site to be more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Facebook and Twitter: As part of the CSE's efforts to improve communication with students, the CSE made improvements to their Facebook and Twitter pages in 2012. As of February 2013, CSE's Twitter account had more than 900 followers.
  • Media coverage: The CSE receives regular coverage in the Daily Illini, which is the University of Illinois' student newspaper, as a result of the CSE's many interactions with students. In 2012, the CSE (then the OS) was covered more than 30 times in the Daily Illini. The bi-monthly faculty/ staff newspaper, Inside Illinois, publishes a regular section devoted to green initiatives.