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Archived web info - ECI Change in the Heartland

Posted by Morgan White on June 4, 2014

Change and the Heartland curriculum
Change and the Heartland is a publication of the Environmental Change Institute and the Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Program that seeks to bring the complex science of Climate Change challenges and address it in a understandable and yet meaningful manner. During the summer of 2012, a group of nine faculty from community colleges and higher educational institutions came together to develop student activities based on the 16 articles of the Change publication. The group completed a number of student activities in problem based learning style and a general course outline for an entry level course on climate change, using the Change publication as a primary resource.

Change and the Heartland Issues:

Issue 1:1 (PDF)
How Will All That Extra CO2 Affect Crops?

Issue 1:2 (PDF)
How Will Climate Change Affect Birds?

Issue 1:3 (PDF)
Can Our Wildlife Shift Along with the Climate?

Issue 1:4 (PDF)
Can Tall Grass Miscanthus Replace Coal?

Issue 1:5 (PDF)
Will Urban Planning Change with the Climate?

Issue 1:6 (PDF)
Will Climate Change Affect Food Production?

Issue 1:7 (PDF)
How Will Cap-and-Trade Affect Firms and Farms?

Issue 1:8 (PDF)
Are Wild Bee Pollinator Populations Declining?

Issue 1:9 (PDF)
Ethanol or Gas: Which is Best for the Climate?

Issue 1:10 (PDF)
Can Conventional Farming Dequester Carbon?

Issue 1:11 (PDF)
What is the Future of Electricity in the U.S.?

Issue 1:12 (PDF)
Should the Free Market Manage Public Lands?

Issue 1:13 (PDF)
Will Climate Change Affect American Security?

Issue 1:14 (PDF)
What Will Happen to Fish and Aquatic Wildlife?

Issue 1:15 (PDF)
Can We Keep Soils Covered as Climate Changes?

Issue 1:16 (PDF)
What will Climate be like in 2050?