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Are you up to the challenge? Plastic Reduction Challenge - Fall 2022

Posted by Meredith Moore on September 26, 2022

So much plastic is thrown away each year that putting it all together creates enough material to circle the Earth four times. Ouch. More than 99 percent of plastics come from chemicals derived from fossil fuels (petrochemicals), and only about 9 percent of plastic is recycled for reuse. Approximately 500,000 straws are thrown away each day in the United States alone. It is estimated that the average person in the United States generates 185 pounds of plastic each year. Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Nearly 600 million pounds of plastic fill our oceans, draining from our fresh bodies of water — which we contribute to here in the Midwest!

These are frightening statistics! How much of what is listed above do you think comes from single-use plastics, or items that individuals use and throw away every day? Luckily, you came across this challenge! YOU have the power to change these statistics for the better and not be a contributor to the landfills! 

For the third year, iSEE is hosting a Waste Challenge during Campus Sustainability Month. This year, we are focusing on plastic reduction. Please fill out this form to participate in the Plastic Reduction Challenge. For the challenge, track your waste each day starting October 3 and ending October 30 to understand your daily habits and participate with a fun community! We have made it as easy as possible to track and report what you are throwing away. This challenge will help you learn more about daily waste and provide resources to help during the month and beyond!

Additional instructions will be sent prior to the challenge, and don’t forget that we are here to help throughout the process. For each week that you participate throughout the month, your name will be entered into raffles for sustainability prize packs! We look forward to your participation this October and don’t forget to invite your friends. Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Reach out to