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Building Level Energy Consumption Report

Posted by Diliya Murtazina on February 18, 2017

1) We used total energy use by year in MMBTU (FY08-FY2016) and created a bar chart. Then we converted the MMBTU to BTU, and divided the number by GSF to get the energy use intensity (EUI). We used both bar charts and added them to the presentation for the Lincoln Hall.

2) We made a research to find out what Notable Energy Events occured in the Lincoln Hall:

  • FY09 T-12 to T-8 Lighting Retrofit;
  • FY11-12 LEED Platinum Renovation;
  • FY14 Retrocommissioning;
  • FY15 ECIP winner;
  • FY16 Illini Lights Out pilot.

3) iCAP Portal projects at Lincoln Hall: