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Consortium meeting

Posted by Morgan White on April 9, 2014

Hello Colleagues. I invite you to participate in a Sustainable Electronics Campus Consortium meeting, scheduled for 1:00-2:00 PM on Wednesday, April 9, in the Stephen J. Warner Conference room at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.   ISTC is working with Katie Kinley, a UI senior, to develop a prototype of her concept for an inductive charger for wireless microphone packs used in lecture halls and classrooms. The goal is to test this unit’s potential to save money and labor, while also reducing battery waste generated by the University. Katie will describe her project, show her progress on building her prototype, and discuss plans for testing the feasibility  of her idea, which will hopefully include testing the unit in one or more lecture halls. She would appreciate any feedback, contacts, and suggestions consortium members might provide.   -Joy Scrogum