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DFA - request for advisor

Posted by Morgan White on August 29, 2019

Hi Morgan, 


I hope your week is going well! I am with a team from Design for America, a student-run organization on campus, and we are working on a project with P&G to help citizens recycle plastic film more responsibly in our local communities. 


For the project, we are required to work with a faculty advisor to help guide us through the research phase. While more involvement is more than welcome, we only ask to meet 3-4 times throughout the semester. 


Your background in campus sustainability efforts and experience as Director of Sustainability at F&S is really exciting and would be an amazing perspective to add to our project. 


We would love to hear about your work and any insights you might have, even if you are unavailable to work with us as a faculty advisor! Please let me know when would be a good time to chat this week!