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Posted by Morgan White on September 8, 2018

Hi Water and Stormwater SWATeam,


I am incredibly sorry I can’t attend the first SWATeam meeting on Monday (I’ll be out of town that day).  I know you have several topics for your team to address this year, and I’m excited about the opportunities coming our way.  This email is to share a few agenda items that I would appreciate your help with, as time permits this fall.

  1. Eliana Brown, Brent Lewis, and I intend to request funding from the SSC, this fall, for a green infrastructure master plan for campus.  This would entail hiring a consultant to evaluate our existing green infrastructure and recommend locations for additional installations.  The recommendations would need to consider maintenance requirements, utility fee impacts, and the environmental benefits.  It would also include stakeholder engagement around campus for setting shared goals (such as the ability to use the GI installations as living labs).  We would appreciate your input and support during this process. 
  2. The iCAP goal for performing water audits has been discussed in your team, and I would like to help move this forward this year.  Is there a “lite version” of this concept that could be done with student volunteers?  Maybe your team could look at how other schools have reduced water consumption around campus.  If the audit is primarily related to research labs, then this should be brought into the discussions about an overarching Green Labs Program, which we have been discussing (via the ECBS SWATeam).  We hope to get a task force formed by spring semester to talk about how to incorporate sustainability more fully into the research labs around campus, without impeding the safety of our researchers.
  3. There are two recommendations from your team that were transmitted to the appropriate units last week.  The RainWorks F4 project recommendation was then forwarded from Lowa Milwambwe to the new Director of Parking, Marty Paulins.  Marty and I are planning a meeting about the SWATeams this coming week.  I wonder if your team would be willing to do the initial draft of the SSC application suggested by your SWATeam recommendation?  Please let me know on Monday, if you can help with this on Parking’s behalf.  The funding applications are due 9/24.
  4. Thank you for agreeing to talk with Art Binder about his suggestions.  If you believe a service like his should be pursued, please submit a formal recommendation.
  5. Do you have any suggestions for how to promote the results
  6. Finally, I am hoping to start getting regular (at least twice per year) Project Updates in the iCAP Portal for projects with the status “In Progress.”  Is it possible for your SWATeam to help with this effort?  I believe it would be a matter of looking at the iCAP Portal theme page (, clicking expand all, and reviewing the information on each of the six “In Progress” projects.  If it doesn’t have a recent update, then someone on your team could reach out to the contact person and get an update to post. 

Thank you so much for your help with all of this!  Having students, faculty, and staff working together to advance the iCAP has been a wonderful help, and I am eager to work with you this year.  Sorry again for being unable to attend on Monday.






Ms. Morgan White

Associate Director of F&S, Sustainability

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

148B Physical Plant Service Building, MC-800

1501 S. Oak, Champaign, IL 61820