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Discussion with Mr. Damon McFall regarding specifics during RCx 2008 in NCEL

Posted by Chen Zhang on August 10, 2017

A meeting was held with Mr. Damon McFall, director of Facilities and Operations, for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He was involved in all operations during retrocommissioning (RCx) in Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory (NCEL) in 2008. As I was going through the records, some questions regarding specific systems in the building and improvements during RCx 2008 came up. Mr. Damon McFall shared useful information at the meeting. Below are the major events that play important roles in energy consumption in the building.


  • Repaired faulty/non-functioning controls for 28 air handling units

  • Reduced number of exhaust fans and/or air quantities

  • Occupancy schedules were used to reduce fan systems at night & close outdoor air dampers

  • Replaced thermostats from aspirating to wall mount throughout building for better temperature control

  • New programmable controls replaced worn out pneumatic controls

  • Enhanced humidity control thereby saving chilled water costs

  • Centralize  all  the  departmental  servers  into  one  room

  • Group and relocate faculty and staff based on their desired temperature