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Environmental Justice TED Talk: Eco-Edition

Posted by Meredith Moore on February 27, 2021

Join us for iSEE's first TED Talk: Eco-Edition! This month’s theme is "Environmental Justice."

Together, participants will view a prerecorded TED Talk presented by David Lammy, the first Black Member of Parliament to hold the Justice post in British Parliament, titled "Climate Justice Can't Happen Without Racial Justice." Afterward, all are invited to participate in a guided discussion and roundtable.

Our host is Leah Courtney, a sophomore at U of I studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with minors in Spanish and the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Fellows Program. A student member of the Zero Waste Sustainability Working Advisory Team, Leah is passionate about the environment and social justice.

Sign up to learn, discuss, and connect with peers in a casual, social setting. Grab your favorite snack and get comfortable! Topics and hosts vary each month.