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Foam Compacting Machine Location and Status

Posted by Quinn Connolly on August 9, 2023

On August 7, 2023 Amy Rosenbery sent the following email:

Hi Morgan!

I’m working on our inventory and the Foam Compacting machine that Ben purchased in 2015 is on our list.

Do you know if this equipment went to ISTC? I don’t know who has this or where it’s located. It used to be on the 2nd floor here at NSRC but it’s not there anymore.



On August 9, 2023 Morgan White replied:


Hi Amy,


That Styrofoam machine was transferred to a different non-profit in Illinois, by ISTC.  Joe Pickowitz and Shantanu Pai were involved in getting it moved form ISTC to the other non-UIUC facility.





Amy replied:

Hi Morgan!

That’s what I thought. I found an email about it going to Community Resource, Inc. in Urbana so I looked them up and the place is permanently closed now.

The equipment is still showing up on iSEE’s inventory.

Thanks for your help!