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Follow up - Environmental Justice TED Talk

Posted by Meredith Moore on February 27, 2021

Good afternoon, Thank you for registering for our first TED Talk: Eco Edition event, focusing on environmental justice! It was wonderful to see many of you in attendance. Your ideas, input, and questions led to a very thought-provoking and meaningful discussion.

We encourage you to share the TED Talk  with your friends, family members, and peers. Continue the discussion on this important topic and keep initiating conversations – even when they are difficult. Consider joining Waste Reduction @ Illinois | Facebook. This is a great community forum for sharing ideas and continuing sustainability discussions.

Leah Courtney did a fantastic job as our first host of this TED Talk series. We have attached Leah’s presentation for anyone who would like to refer to it as a resource. Keep an eye out for our March TEDTalk: Eco Edition which will focus on the topic of plastics. Additionally, don’t forget to register for our Plastic Free Challenge starting March 1 (Monday!) using this link:

Please reach out with any questions or feedback. We thank you again for your participation and enthusiasm, and are already looking forward to the next conversation!


Meredith Moore, iSEE Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Emily Dickett, iSEE Sustainability Intern


TED Talk: