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IACT - Geotech Drilling

Posted by Quinn Connolly on September 22, 2023

Kevin, Erwin,


Our drillers are looking to get on site next week for the Geotech borings – on the areas to the south of the Project it looks like the area is actively farmed, is there any type of notification we need to do to the University before we enter the fields or other coordination needed with whomever is farming this area?





Hi Mike. Let me find out and I’ll get back to you in the next hour or so.



Hi Mike

Sorry it took much longer than I had anticipated, but all is clear to get the drilling crew out here. The Village (Jake McCoy) gave their OK, and last night I found the farmer and he says that he will harvest the corn during this weekend. No one else from the university needs to be notified (Kevin, correct me if I´m wrong). If the drilling crew need any assistance on site, they can contact me at 217 766 9837. It would be good if you could provide me with contact information for who is leading the crew, just in case. Thanks



Here are some aerial pictures of the site taken about ten days ago. I thought they may be helpful.



Hello Morgan and Jon,


Can you think of anyone else at UIUC who should be notified of the upcoming commencement of soil boring and sampling work on the IACT site?