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IBI student leaders meet with iSEE representatives

Posted by Morgan White on July 8, 2015

Adam Dornford, Rahul Gogia, and Tarsis Sousa met with Professor Ben McCall, Professor Madhu Khanna, and Morgan Johnston at iSEE.  The discussion revolved around the faculty advisor needs for the group.  Madhu Khanna will be the faculty advisor of record, and Ben McCall will continue to participate with the program.  There may be a graduate student in analytical chemistry who could assist with the chemical aspects of the program.

Issues reviewed at this meeting included:

  • numbers of students anticipated to participate once IBI is running again - at the height of the IBI program in the past, there were nearly 100 students involved - need to recruit some new students - partnering with I-energy - would be good to have hands-on work for getting students interested
  • equipment selection for the new program - they will start with using the existing 50 gallon plug-n-play items BioPro 190 have two of them in the basement of ABL
  • soap program - for Dining Services pre-wash of dishes
  • consider tracking utility costs for the overall program - with a Life-cycle Cost Accounting (LCA), and associated GHG emission reductions
  • potential bench space options AESB, RAL?
  • what information does IBRL need in order to fully support IBI being included in their facility? feasibility analysis.  

Emails from each group - Dining, Car Pool, Energy Farm, SSC - to document what you will do...  prepare a mini proposal (with short term and long term plans) and send to this group - include:

  • organizational structure - who is doing what, including faculty advisors and all students, management plan - how many students are going to be in and out of the facility
  • phases for process - over a 3 year plan, to show continuity
  • business plan for operations - how will you do it
  • financial program - costs to operate and anticipated revenue