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iCAP Indoor Bins Metric Update

Posted by Kejsi Ago on March 3, 2022

Hi Morgan!


Just wanted to provide a wonderful update on Indoor bins for the iCAP portal: The campus has 180 out of 200 available multi stream bins deployed in 56 different campus buildings. According to the iCAP metric, we are 1/3 of the way to our FY24 goal.


In the future, I think the iCAP team should consider changing the metric from number of buildings to number of deployed bins because not all campus buildings would be applicable for these bins. Especially if the buildings are offices, residential, or extension related. Orchard Downs and


I also went ahead and updated the bin location master list that came with the project so your team can upload it. It was outdated and I have upgraded the layout of the list so it is easier to find information.


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