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Interview with Caleb Brooks (NPRE Professor, UIUC Micro-Nuclear Involvement)

Posted by Alec McKay on March 31, 2022

A document containing the notes from this interview is attached below.


Summary of the Clean Energy Transition Plan Interview:

Caleb Brooks - NPRE Professor, UIUC Micro-Nuclear Involvement

On 3/31/22 the team spoke with Dr. Caleb Brook, who is a professor in the nuclear engineering department here at the University. The team spoke to him about the feasibility of using micro-nuclear reactors as a power source for the campus. Dr. Brooks is about to start research to determine these exact questions. In his opinion, campuses will be using micro nuclear reactors to power themselves, but it is going to take eight to ten years to get to that point. The research done with micro nuclear reactors has been more theoretical and not applicable at this time. The team still feels that the university should start saving money now to purchase a nuclear reactor once they are commercially available.