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Interview with Clark Bullard (Former MechE Professor, Experience in Thermal Systems)

Posted by Alec McKay on April 5, 2022

A document containing the notes from this interview is attached below.


Summary of the Clean Energy Transition Plan Interview:

Clark Bullard - Former MechE Professor, Experience in Thermal Systems

On 4/5/22 the team spoke with Clark Bullard. In this meeting, we were provided with valuable insight into the importance of conservation and updating the current steam heating system on campus. In his opinion, the University should focus on conservation mainly and purchase renewable energy from the grid. This would allow more resources to be put towards conservation, where there is currently a lot of energy being lost. Additionally, he stressed the importance of updating the campus heating system to something more modern, such as a hot water and heat pump system. The team found that this interview gave good insight and recommendations on a potential way to approach the energy transition.