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Interview with Xinlei Wang (ABE Professor, Experience in Renewable Energy Systems) and John Zhao (ABE Doctorate Student, Research in Geothermal Systems)

Posted by Alec McKay on April 5, 2022

A document containing the notes from this interview is attached below.


Summary of the Clean Energy Transition Plan Interview:

Xinlei Wang - ABE Professor, Experience in Renewable Energy Systems

John Zhao-ABE Doctorate Student, Research in Geothermal Systems

On 4/5/22, the team interviewed Dr. Xinlei Wang and John Zhao. Professor Wang is a subject matter expert with regards to geothermal energy and has done research on other forms of renewable energy. Professor Wang explained that geothermal energy is the most efficient way to both heat and cool buildings and that despite high upfront costs it is a cheaper system to implement than traditional heating and cooling. Professor Wang explained that if the University was to switch to a geothermal system, then it would have to be done building by building and it would take a lot of planning and time. Professor Wang also told the team that geothermal and solar energy can be used together to create an energy efficient system and make it viable for the University.