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KCPA ECIP funds to go towards several improvements

Posted by Morgan White on January 3, 2017

Krannert Center has identified several projects to tackle with the ECIP award funding: 

  • Recycling Bins and Bags - $5,000 (make in-house recycling efforts more efficient and accessible)
  • TCP Switch for Playhouse - $6,000 (electrical safety issue)
  • Imop -  $5,000 (water conservation)
  • Food Services Dishwashers - $9,750 (energy efficiency, water conservation, chemical usage reduction)
  • Energy efficient washer and dryers (2 each) for Festival Green Room -  $2,250 (energy efficiency, water conservation)
  • Ipad mini’s & Ipad & Secure Mounts for Attendant Access to Calendar and Event Sheets - $2,500  (reduce printed paper)
  • Reconfigure Stairs to Playhouse Pit  - $3,500 (safety issue correction)

The dollar amounts listed are approximations.  Any additional funds not used for these items would be allocated to expanding the stock of replacement LED bulbs.