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Meeting with BirdBike

Posted by Hrushikesh Chavan on August 30, 2023

On 08/29/2023, Stacey, Sarthak and Hrushikesh along with city planners of Urbana and Champaign had an introductory in-person meeting with BirdBike. The agenda of this meeting was to get a demo of the BirdBike bicycles and have discussion on potentially introducing these bikes on-campus and the in both cities. 

Meeting Notes:

1) Membership opportunity

2) BirdBike facilitating no bike zone in certain areas of campus .

3) Demo of the Bikes and its parking system.

4) Safety features and precautions. 

5) Using GPS and VPS system for tracking and parking.

6) Helmet Safety feature.

7) Rider Quiz before every ride.

8) Wayfinding for campus bike rack parking locations