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Meeting with iSEE, IBI, and F&S

Posted by Morgan White on January 28, 2014

Ben McCall, Adam Dornford, and Craig Grant met today to discuss the IBI needs.  Ben wrote this summary, after the meeting:

  1. It would be really nice if we could get IBI back into the ISTC space, at least in the short term.  I will engage them in discussions.
  2. As a "lean" short-to-medium-term option, we could divide the project into three pieces: first, a covered, caged area with secondary containment for the storage of 55-gallon drums of methanol; second, a double-wall above-ground storage tank for the biodiesel; and third, some sort of trailer/truck that would contain the reactor and ancillary equipment.  Each of these would need to be 30 feet away from each other for fire code compliance.  The code requirements for the "trailer" are TBD, but the smaller the quantities of methanol and biodiesel in there at any given time, the easier the compliance would be.  If the trailer is within 1000 feet of a bathroom that can be accessed by people in the trailer, it would not need to have its own bathroom.  We discussed the possibility of trying to go water-less and electrically self-contained.
  3. In the medium-to-long term, it might be preferable to build a dedicated building along the lines of the Variety Crop Trials building, although smaller.  The cost might be a couple hundred thousand or so.

I think the students will probably investigate the options in more detail now, and we may come back to you with some more detailed questions as we converge on things.