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meeting update

Posted by Morgan White on September 29, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have updated the SWAT folder with the new minutes and documents that have been being passed around.

Just a reminder, 2 weeks ago, we spoke about how we may want to utlize our volunteers moving forward, and also, about reaching out to other faculty/ staff at UIUC to get an expert opinion on some of our ideas for the new iCAP goals. Since we have 3 meetings left until the Campus Sustainability Day deadline, establishing these decisions this week so that we have 2 weeks to coordinate might be beneficial. (I can also assist in reaching out to persons we are interested in to save you some time once we establish a date).

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st in NSRL room 358 at 12 pm. I will see you all there.

Have a great day,