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Native Shrub Planting in the Southern Arboretum Woodlands

Posted by Kejsi Ago on September 29, 2021

From: McSweeney, Kevin

To: Reicherts, Jack; Marsaglia, Julia Raine

Cc: Lee, Iris; Lynch, Lauren Rae; White, Morgan

Recipients: ientsjackhr2 at; juliarm2 at; irislee3 at; lrlynch2 at; mbwhite at


Hi Jack & Julia,


Thank you for agreeing to follow up on the student-led planting of native shrubs in the Southern Arboretum Woodlands. This will be a valuable addition to the Campus Tree Committees report that will used in support of our application for renewal of our Tree Campus USA designation.


I suggest you contact:


1. Lauren Lynch (copied above) to get info about Prof. Jim Miller’s Restoration Ecology class that assisted with the shrub planting as part of the field component of the class. Lauren served as TA for the class.


2. Iris Lee (Arboretum Staff) who compiled the list of native shrubs and supervised the operation and subsequently supervised Arboretum interns who watered and weeded around the plantings during the summer months.


Funding from SSC helped support these project activities.


Let me know if I can provide additional information.


Best wishes,



Kevin McSweeney
Director, University of Illinois Arboretum
++608 712 4101 (‘phone, messages, WhatsApp)