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Notes from meeting

Posted by Morgan White on April 10, 2014

Water SWATeam

Water purchasing at about 3.25/100,000 gallons. Plus you have to pay for sewer water as well. In other areas it is more expensive.    Decrease water consumption  Find uses for non-potable water Handle storm water quality and quantity   Kishore. How do we compare to other schools? Be the leader as far as water per square foot.   ICAP baseline to improve. Is one perspective? We are there now.    Eliana Brown storm water protection.    Most buildings have meters now. About 99%   ISTC study. There so much more to do on campus.    CEE 398 PBL water report.    Irrigation usage. Wasn't in the billing system.    Barrier to grey water. Have to repipe a building to be able to use it. BIF  Could make that connection. State law say that. In major remodeling projects should the facilities standard say that it should be fed with grey water   Excel list of water by building.  Irrigation information   South farms run off. Drainage tiles. To the embrass river. Florida avenue dividing line. For salt fork.    Low flow fixtures. Aerators on faucets.