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Post-TED Talk Resources

Posted by Meredith Moore on May 6, 2021

Nan Holda, one of the participants in the latest TED Talk: Eco-Edition event provided some great resources to follow up from the conversation on 4/29.  

  • Joan Gregerson's book “Climate Action Challenge.” Here’s a link to her book and workbook:
  • Link to where people can sign up for her free, quick start online training:  2021 International Climate Action Challenge
  • Joan’s weekly Green Team Academy Podcast:
  • Climate Crisis Policy/Earth Bill Network is an umbrella organization wrangling in all other US environmental orgs to create one comprehensive Earth Bill to present to President Biden ( IMO their approach to passing federal policy is more inclusive, unified, and broader than Citizens’ Climate Lobby (which is another big lobbying org). The Earth Bill Network would love to have some college student volunteers working to create a college/university student network for the Earth Bill. If anyone is interested, they should check out the website and register at, noting how they would like to volunteer.