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Program announced

Posted by Morgan White on November 20, 2013

On 11/20/13 2:16 PM, Sue Hall wrote:

Dear Evan

As you may have already heard from colleagues who attended the AASHE 2013 conference this year, Chevrolet has been quietly announcing the fact that it is now making available new funding through its Campus Clean Energy Efficiency Campaign to support US campuses’ clean energy leadership.  ( See )  

Since the University of Illinois at U-C, based upon your historical GHG performances shared publicly via your AUCPCC reports, has been such a strong leader in this domain, Eban Goodstein, Director of Environmental Policy Center at Bard, who is also one of several Chevy Environmental Advisors on this initiative, also strongly encouraged me to contact you.  Indeed, based on your historical PCC GHG performance, the University of Illinois at U-C may well be eligible for Chevy funding on a campus-wide basis.
As a result, I would be more than glad to set up a time when we could discuss these Chevy funding opportunities further together to explore the fit with your university.  By way of a little further background, the Chevrolet funding is available to campuses whose GHG performance, based on their clean energy leadership, exceeds certain benchmark levels for either their LEED certified buildings or on a campus-wide basis.

 The details regarding these qualification criteria and other frequently asked questions can be found at one of our partner, USGBC’s, web site:
For LEED buildings:
For Campus-wide:

I’ve also attached a brief overview summary in case you’d like to circulate this opportunity more readily to your colleagues.
Current pilot projects at Ball State University and Valencia College have confirmed how compelling the business case can be to sell and transfer qualified carbon reductions (2012-14) to Chevy in order to enable campuses to deepen their clean energy leadership still further.

So do let me know when you might be able to join a phone call together to see how this funding might be applicable to your campus.

All the very best