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"Q Magazine: The Dark Side of Thrifting" -iSEE Newsletter

Posted by Alec McKay on February 15, 2022

The following passage is taken from an iSEE February Newsletter (the newsletter is attached below).


Q Magazine: The Dark Side of Thrifting

When her clothing donation was denied at a secondhand store, Q Magazine author Nikki Palella was inspired to investigate behind the scenes of the thrifting industry. In "The Dark Side of Thrifting," she outlines the consequences of Western society's reliance on fast fashion, over-consumption, and clothing donations. Our unwanted clothes thread their way around the world, to the detriment of the environment, local industries, and people's livelihoods. Secondhand clothing and the thrifting industry, while well-intentioned and helpful to a small portion of society, can cause real pain.