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Real-time meter funding

Posted by Morgan White on May 1, 2017

The Business Instructional Facility (BIF) was designed for future use of greywater, which is either recaptured water or raw (untreated) water. Although the building is fed from the potable water supply, there is separate piping for the restroom facilities and similar greywater-viable systems in the building. Data from about potential use of greywater can be very valuable for campus and others to know how much water can a building use for flushing toilets, comparing to the potable water we actually need, such as drinking water. In spring 2017, members of the Water SWATeam submitted a proposal about implementing a real-time water meter to the Student Sustainability Committee, and it got approved. They are working with Facilities & Services (F&S) to purchase the real-time meter and install it. Then this data will be made available publicly, so the students can use them for research or different sustainability questions.