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RECs & Carbon Offsets for Scope 1, 2, 3 Emissions

Posted by Quinn Connolly on October 17, 2022

Below is an email from Serena Armendaris with Carbon Solutions Group:

Hey Morgan,

My name is Serena Armendaris and I work for a firm called Carbon Solutions Group (CSG). We specialize in environmental credits & projects for ESG claims and have been in the business since 2006. Our Sustainability offerings include:

  • North American Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)¬†
  • International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs)
  • North American Carbon Offsets (CO2)
  • International Carbon Offsets (CO2)
  • DirtRoad Electric Vehicle Charging - turnkey, revenue-positive electric vehicle infrastructure¬†
  • DirtRoad ESG - Carbon offsets from our DirtRoad platform - at a ten-year fixed price - an excellent alternative for the recently introduced SEC carbon disclosure rules

Currently, Reporting Year 2022 Wind RECs are offered @ $1.90/MWh and US Carbon Offsets are @$9.25.

Do you think anyone on your team might have time for a 15 minute introductory call to discuss further?

Thanks and regards,