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request for more details about trailer

Posted by Morgan White on September 17, 2013

From: Johnston, Morgan B
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 4:19 PM
To: Dornford, Adam Rey; Lietz, Amanda M; Ali, Zeynep; Branham, Bruce E
Cc: Grant, Craig P; Halverson, Robert
Subject: IBI trailer

Hello IBI representatives,

In order for F&S specialists to adequately review the IBI biodiesel trailer installation requirements, we will need additional details from the manufacturer.  Craig Grant is the Associate Director of Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety, and he told me that the website for Verde Biofuel does not specify the codes that company used when creating their trailer systems. 

Please confirm the specific trailer you intend to purchase, and seek the detailed specifications for the equipment used in that trailer.  We need to know, for example, if they followed the National Electric Code (NEC) requirements. 

You are welcome to call me at 217-344-0044 if you would like to talk about this.