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Request for status update from fleet manager

Posted by Morgan White on October 4, 2013

From: "Varney, Peter W" 

Date: October 4, 2013 at 7:49:39 AM CDT

To: "Lietz, Amanda M" 

Subject: Biodiesel project - truck


I was wondering if you could provide an update to the biodiesel project. We haven’t received a delivery in about a year although there has been some intermittent discussion since the last delivery.


My specific interest revolves around the truck that was used for the deliveries and collections. This vehicle has been sitting idle for a year and if it is no longer needed, I would like to transfer it to another department that would find the truck to be useful. We would remove your equipment and put it into storage for a short time.


Please let me know.


Pete Varney, CAFM

Associate Director for Facilities & Services

Director of Transportation & Automotive Services