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requesting participant list

Posted by Morgan White on March 24, 2014

Hi Andrew, Jane, Scott, Rob, and Stephanie,

At the last Sustainability Practitioners discussion, Jack Dempsey asked about a Regional Climate Action Plan.  After that brief discussion, he talked with campus leadership.  Mike DeLorenzo then talked with the “IAC” about the idea.  Reportedly, Laurel Prussing was enthusiastic and the Champaign City Manager liked the idea and wanted to get a little more info.  I do not know if Bill Volk or Deb at RPC have heard of this yet. 

What I’d like to do is meet with the six of us and talk about this idea.  We can flesh out the idea more, develop a list of pros and cons, and consider the different options for moving forward.  Jane and Andrew, would you please let me know if you can and will participate in this discussion?  Scott, can you confirm that you are the right person to include for Urbana?