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solar installation quote received

Posted by Morgan White on May 26, 2013

From: Kevin Wolz []
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 10:48 AM
To: Johnston, Morgan B
Cc: Litchfield, J Bruce; Werpetinski, Valeri A; Beverage, McKenzie; Andrew Gazdziak; Wolz, Kevin James; Branham, Bruce E
Subject: Fwd: SOLAR QUOTE

Hi Morgan,

I've attached the latest and best solar quote we have received for the solar array to be placed on the roof of the fruit farm building (funded by the SSC via the LINC EV SSF class). I am still waiting for (1) the system specs and schematics from this company which I will forward as soon as I get them and (2) a few more conversations with Crop Sci and ACES people once I get back in the country in June 1. However, I wanted to send this to you so you could advise on what else I need to provide and get from F&S to make this a go. 

Thanks so much!