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Sustainability tour route

Posted by Quinn Connolly on October 6, 2023

Hey Dave,


Can I get a copy of the route for our sustainability tour?  I’m going to touch base with Morgan and pick up on some talking points.  You had said you would send that route over, but I am not finding it yet.







Here is the draft as it stands. The second page is my start at partially populating some talking points, but change whatever you see fit.


FYI, we have an hour of float built into our schedule after the tour, so we can potentially stop by Red Oak on the way back to the Union.




Hi Morgan,


Looks like this is the list of things we will drive past.  I know we are stopping at Solar Farm 1, plus the Solar Decathlon house, and Gable House & Biomass Generator, with a potential stop at the red oak rain garden.  I know a little about a lot of these, but I would appreciate some time to chat about some talking points here.  I know you can do this off the top of your head.  This should be interesting for me.  I just talked to Dave and he said someone is going to meet us at the 3 stops.  That’s great.  I just need to fill in the other points along the tour.  I do feel better about that, but would still love a short chat.




The best time for me to talk is probably sometime late Saturday afternoon.  I hope to ride a 100 miles or so tomorrow am.  Then I should be free Sunday afternoon as well.   Gayle is taking the kids up north as her sister is in town.  I hope to catch up on some stuff then.