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toriis - divestment

Posted by Quinn Connolly on August 23, 2023

Madhu, is this the section you were asking about? - Jen


In Fiscal Year 2022, the University of Illinois System reported over $120 million worth of corporate debt held in 52 companies (about 12% of the operating pool corporate bond ownership) that profit from the extraction, transportation, or combustion of coal, petroleum, or natural gas. In total, the University of Illinois System’s operating pool is responsible for financing 86,000+ metric tons of C02 emissions (calculated as total carbon emissions) as of FY 2022. Of these emissions, 66,000+ metric tons of C02 come from fossil fuel companiesThe math is simple: by divesting the 12% of investments in fossil fuel companies, the University of Illinois System would cut its carbon footprint by 78%.