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Update from Bart to Tracy

Posted by Morgan White on September 8, 2015

Hi Tracy,

Plans are coming together for the waste audits so let me give you the latest.

1.        We will start by auditing BIF on the week of October 5-9.  Kari Cooperider is our contact.  Everything is in place at this venue.  Bin mapping has already been done.

2.       The Illini Union will be audited the week of October 12-17.  Dave Guth and David Parker are our contacts.  They are working to have Area provide them with a roll off for that week.  Bin mapping has been done.  They are already looking to purchase new bins and change signage.

3.       LAR will be audited the week of October 19-23.  Contact is Michael Wassom.  To do this audit we would like a roll off placed on site for that week.  Can you help us with that?  Bin mapping has already been done.

4.       RAL is also scheduled for October 19-23.  Our contacts are Wes Riggsby and Ron Eggett.  For this audit they have agreed to use liners for that week.  They are also going to try and direct any waste from the Chemical Life Sciences building to the dumpsters on the other side of their building.  RAL has a very deep dumpster.  Could you replace that for the week with a shorter version?  We are happy to make frequent pickups to accommodate a decrease in capacity.   

The materials will be collected and then sorted behind ISTC.  To accommodate student workers, the timing of the sorts will be from 3pm -7pm each day.  Materials will then either be dropped on the dumpster and recycling bins at ISTC or taken to the WTS the next morning.  I think most will have to be taken to the WTS because of the limited capacity at ISTC.  Surveys will also be done on each building.  Art and Design students are also putting together a structure built from waste.  Final reports on everything should be complete by year end.  Please let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss in more detail.