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Update on "Draft Bicycle Crash Reporting Form Created"

Posted by Kejsi Ago on July 7, 2021

From: Prasad, Sarthak

To: DeLorenzo, Stacey; White, Morgan

Recipients: sdeloren at; mbwhite at


Hi Stacey and Morgan,


I was just looking at the Improve Reporting and Metrics for Bicycles project, and I saw a project update from 2013 by Amelia Neptune “Draft Bicycle Crash Reporting Form Created”. Does either of you remember if this form was actually made public or if there was any progress made on it?


I think this is a very neat way to report a bicycle crash and could be very important. Please let me know if there is a final form. If not, I would like to revisit this effort.


Thank you,


Sarthak Prasad

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