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video about Zero Waste

Posted by Morgan White on September 12, 2014

Fellow waste warriors,

UO does cool things when it comes to the material management system. They did one of the first campus waste audits back in the early 90s and have since grown into a power house in recycling and materials management. They have a new training video. Its 50mins long, and yes that is extremely excessive. But it is a great cheat sheet to evaluate our current state and where we could go.

Shantanu Pai

On Thursday, September 11, 2014 11:28:32 AM UTC-5, K2 wrote:

Here is a training video that the students just finished here at the University of Oregon.  It’s close to an hour and will be shown to all new student employees with the UO Zero Waste Program.  It’s funny and poignant while being instructive.  Way to go students of the world…..working so hard for a better life…’s crazy to see how hard we all work saving resources.  This video is about you too…..and we say to all of you in zero waste land-THANKS for recycling!  Zero Waste is Higher Education….