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Week 1 Update

Posted by Austin Jung on January 29, 2019

Good evening everyone,

My name is Austin Jung and I am a senior in chemical engineering with a minor in the iSEE Fellows Program. I will be helping Morgan White and Sarthak Prasad with the 2015 iCAP objective #5.3 water audits for my SEE Fellow’s senior capstone. After the first successful meeting, the following will be addressed through the semester:

  • Create a water audit program/process for an existing building that will be the basis for the campus wide water audit.
  • Quantify and reduce the distribution and line losses for steam by measuring the steam/condensate loss. Then compare this to the national and peer averages.
  • Develop a list of buildings that have and need to have their water fixtures upgraded.
  • Find out a metric to measure the water consumption of our power plant and water cooling plants to develop a way to record this data for further analysis.
  • Continue support to help F&S meet their water consumption goals.

These will be the main objectives focused on during the capstone and any changes will be stated in one of the following weekly updates. I am excited to do my part and begin my investigations.


Austin Jung