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Week 2 - Plastic Reduction Challenge

Posted by Emily Dickett on October 9, 2022


We hope you are having a great weekend, especially after an Illini win! Congratulations on completing Week 1 of the Plastic Reduction Challenge! How does it feel? Did anything in particular surprise you during Week 1? We have already learned a lot about our daily habits and are excited to get started on Week 2. Hopefully, each week we will decrease our waste total, both as individuals and as a group. If you have not already, please remember to submit your Week 1 Google Form by Monday morning.

Did you know there are over 175 people participating in this challenge? Wow! Thank you to you all for taking the first steps in being more conscious of your waste. Together, we can make a significant change! 

Going into this new week, we encourage you to reflect on Week 1 and perhaps set some new goals for Week 2. Maybe that means keeping a reusable bottle on hand, setting out grocery bags before leaving for the store, or requesting take out with no cutlery, straws, or napkins. Discover a sustainability-themed documentary or read an interesting article, and consider sharing it with others in the Waste Reduction @ Illinois Facebook group or other people in your circle. Whatever you choose to focus on, keep up the amazing work!

Looking for ways to earn positive points for positive actions this week? Be sure to check out the iSEE Clothing Swap on 10/11, Green Quad Day on 10/13, and Illini Lights Out on 10/14.

Here is the Week 2 Google Form, and attached is a copy of the points system and optional grid for your convenience. Please submit your Week 2 Form by Monday, October 17th. 

As always, we invite you to email us with any feedback, questions, comments, or to let us know how the challenge is going for you. 

We are looking forward to reaching out to you all on Thursday with another weekly tip and statistics from Week 1.

Have a great week!

Meredith Moore, iSEE Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Emily Dickett and Jenna Schaefer, iSEE Sustainability Interns

Late to the challenge? No worries! Check out the Box Folder for any materials you may have missed.