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Week 3 Update

Posted by Austin Jung on February 15, 2019

Good morning,

Week 3’s meeting was a very informative and productive with the help of Mike, who is the director of budgeting and resource planning for the energy services division. Mike was able to help confirm and teach us about what is exactly happening at the chiller plants. He caught us up to date on what is being metered and where to find certain information. Together we brainstormed ideas on how we can determine a metric to measure the water consumption of each chiller plant. This included the metered water going into the cooling tower, water going into the chiller loop, and comparing that number to the total chilled water produced. Alongside this comparison the BTUs will also be monitored to see how much energy is being used to produce all of this.

There are a couple of tasks that I will be getting done for week 4’s meeting. These include and not limited to:

  • Creating a list of resources needed to be collected to determine the efficiency of the chiller plants and how much water/energy they consume
  • Email other combine heat and power and chiller plants to see how they track or measure their water consumption
  • Email Ashlynn Stillwill to see if she knows any good places to look for national and industry averages and standards
  • Look into BIF’s grey water meter to determine how much water could be saved if grey water system was enabled

This week was successful and looking forward to the information that will be collected in the following weeks. The attached document is some notes on UIUC cooling towers, Abbott, chiller plants, CHP plants, and our meeting.


Thank you,
Austin Jung